About us

Siedlisko Cztery Żywioły (Four Elements Settlement) has been established out of love and passion for beautiful places, tradition, unspoiled nature, tasty food and longing for a place of our childhood dreams, the scent of flowers, herbs and smoked fish.

That’s all our Mazurian agro-tourism farm is about!

In 1996 we fell in love with an old farm situated among vast meadows and lakes, in one of the cleanest and the most beautiful regions of Eastern Poland, in the so called Mazury Garbate.

This place is so exceptional that we decided to share its climate with others and to invite everyone interested to visit us and our farm.

You are invited to visit a modern agro-tourism farm in Mazury Garbate!

Over the years, the „Cztery Żywioły” has flourished and upgraded.

Since 2013, the „GIŻE”  landing field designated for gliders and aircrafts has been operating next to our farm. It is an advantage when organizing trips, races, trainings and any type of parties, including flying-related events.

We were awarded the “Clean and beautiful farmstead” award of the Marshal of the Warmińsko-Mazurskie Province. We are members of the “Mazurska Kraina (The Mazury Country) the Agro-tourism Association” and the Warmińsko-Mazurskie Agro-tourism Association.

Where is the Four Elements located?

Our farm is located in the village of Giże.

It offers an excellent terrain for trekking and bike tours. Because of the picturesque location between two lakes, Dudeckie and Zajdy, this is an ideal place for water sports, especially sailing and canoeing. The secluded lake shores are a promise of success for anglers.

The perfectly clean environment, undamaged nature and landscape are an invitation to everyone wishing to regain strength, to calm down and relax.

We invite you to visit us and this beautiful place, that has captured our hearts.

Janina and Ryszard Suchoccy